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i dunno what will

If this didn't make you laugh...

(ONLY AUSTRALIA IS AFFECTED BY THIS) This is complete crap. Newgrounds most likely will get blocked because of what it has on it. While the government could just block out certain parts of the site, how often have yo seen that happen without the entire site being blocked. If they do see NG as a target it's either we get tom to delete all adult/violent material (75% of NG) for about 40% of their users or the site goes from our search bars. we're screwed if that happens. if you want to know more look at RubberNinja's post on his account or search this post's Heading in google.

i finally got cc and all i can say is pure win.

What are the chances!?

2009-05-21 03:57:38 by wolfdawg125

i was playing pandemic 2 and i named the virus "swine flu." Out of all the countries it can start in, in the game, it started in mexico.

fun with blood

2009-05-19 07:09:28 by wolfdawg125

made this in 10 minutes. it was a fun 10 minutes. plz dont copy and use elsewhere without my permission.

fun with blood


about my 5th post...

2009-05-19 05:44:25 by wolfdawg125

make that 6000 lol. xD

something to think about

2009-05-15 05:50:37 by wolfdawg125

Life would be better without spam, but then P-bot would have nothing to blam.


2009-05-15 04:46:58 by wolfdawg125

im not showing off but, JESUS! i only just realized (i dont look at my profile that much) i have over 5000 gamer medals points. i mean i know tht theres heaps of other ppl out there with more but heck! i just counted and as of now i have (what a number) 199 medals in counting. (prove me wrong) lol, the next medal i get is gonna be special! ^ ^

Castle Crasher...

2009-05-12 06:10:14 by wolfdawg125

drew myself

Castle Crasher...